Are you a medical professional who has an idea for a new instrument? Are your instruments not comfortable for you? You may need to repair or modify your instruments.

Often, doctors retire because they suffer too much pain in their hands while operating... what if someone made a set of suitably comfortable instruments, perhaps even customised to the surgeon?

As a vendor or supplier of medical instruments, are you looking for a manufacturer of existing or custom-designed instruments?

Do you need to renew your instruments for your practice or need a reliable supplier of quality instruments...

Your current supplier may not stock the instruments being requested of you by your clients and you recognise an opportunity...

Precision Endoscopy Instruments Pty Ltd has combined the needs of surgeons with innovative design and manufacturing processes to produce a range of endoscopic instruments which are unmatched for functionality, precision, user-friendliness and durability.

Simple but precise patented designs provide instruments which assist surgeons in their delicate tasks without compromising the toughness required to ensure quality and functionality are maintained during the cleaning and autoclaving cycles.

Our products are designed to be easy to use. Simplistic design allows instruments to be totally assembled or dismantled in less than one minute without any tools. Dismantled components provide excellent access for thorough cleaning and autoclaving.

Natural posture. Proportions and position of mechanisms ensure natural posture and movement of hand and fingers during use.

We'll build it. If you have an idea for a new instrument, talk to our lead designer and manufacturer. Together with our unique design and manufacturing skills, we can provide you a rapid and sure path from concept to production.

PEI is an Australian company that has been providing surgeons with the highest quality tools since 1992. PEI is a supplier for Australia's Major Hospitals.

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